Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Twilight twister the world !!

6.33pm, Starbux Jusco Wangsa Maju - with Ezhar.

Bangun pagi, gosok gigi. eh, melalut plak. haha.

Ok, focusing on twilight movie...really turn me on...first time in life i'm watching movie twice.

cerita berkisarkan tentang male vampire "edward" and pale white gurl named "bella". Stephenie Meyer is a great writer in bringing this kind of modern vampire story.

Last week on 27th Nov, i have watched this movie with one of my best frenz "Hafiz". We are both excited. Luckily we reserve a seat in time square. enjoy the mid nite movie....beli lah pop corn and soda. First thing yg i tak boleh lupa ialah tetiba rasa macam nak jadi vampire, geram tgk org yg duduk sebelah i, stranger and got look....ahhahahaha. jgn marah yea. darah muda, gatal sikit tibe2. Its a great movie. how i define great? plot cerita yg tak membosankan, penuh aksi dan yg best skali ialah actor and actress dapat menghidupkan watak. bile tibe love scene, its very sweet, sweeter than a human pair love story. hehe. bila scene,, sgt sakit...terasa plak macam kaki i yg kena pijak ngan vampire jahat (sapa yg tgk mesti paham maksud nyer) kuang kuang.

Bella which a city girl plan to stay with his dad "charlie" during summer at fork, cloudy and cold place territory in US. she's not stay with his mom and stepfather because his stepfather is a footballer and always travel for games. Then, when she start living with charlie, she was adapting herself with new place, unlucky she get stuck with a good looking normal guy who are vampire named "Edward Cullen". First meet up in high school is not a good start since edward acting strange to bella. the phenomena was haunted her life there when there is a scene where edward save her life from car accident in front of the high scool carpark. From there, she start analysing edward behaviours, his family and at the same time falling in love with this vampire. Edward at the same time master in reading human mind but he's found difficult to read bella mind and that make he start discovering bella more than any gurl at fork. Bella did made a research and finally found that Edward cullen is a vampire...the funny thing edward and his family are vegeterian vampire which only suck animal blood and not human....start thinking that vampire also divided into different type. haha. after been transparent to each other in the high forest, edward show how he's look like when he appear to the sunlight, his body sparkling as a diamond all over. hmmh, thats the reason why cullen's family is not very much love sunlight. after that, they become very intimate and loving, bella know she's in danger but her safety is not a priority because she knows that edward will always protect her even from edward himself. such an unavoidable love. pastu, things getting worse after the normal vampire who suck human blood come along to fork and bring disaster to the villager. some of the citizen died and there are in danger. Things get worse after this 3 bad vampire was facing cullen's family with bella in besbol game on isolated hill. one of the bad vampire named "james" was starring at bella and he's becoming so thirsty for human blood, thisrty over bella's blood once he know that edward are falling in love with this girl. james is a nightmare to this couple, he's the one who bring a mess at the end of the story. But then, cullen's family are saving bella's life and kill james. However, james did bite bella's hand and she in danger and might transfer to a bad vampire as well. luckily edward is there and he remove all the danger blood in bella's body. she's safe and then the couple are going to the high school prom. lets wait for full moon, the other twilight sequel....hehe

when you read my synopsis, its look like common but then when you read the novel like the one which i bought from kinokuniya (RM35.50-20%), it much more details. easy to understand. The movie was fantastic and awesome. try, read it. its gonna be cool to hang out in any coffee house while read the novel. i enjoy it very much.

Tung tang....dah kul 7.43pm....lamanyer lah melepak kat sini....kawan2 semua kena tgk citer nie tau!! lagi best biler you guys tgk dulu citer then read the novel. sgt best, try dulu k. ok then, i nak relaks2 dulu....nantikan penulisan blog berikut nyer "KL - Yan - Penang"


  1. hey there!! so it's yu mr. upside down... x sangke plak you're the one yg i met last wk tuh kah kah kah... no wonder la yu tego, "oo ini ke kash?".. lawak tol... cemana la i tak pasan... btway i lagi gila dear, tgok twilight ni last wk siap wat marathon lagi k... back to back, hari yg sama... sorang2 plak tuh... punya la best cite dia... novel dedua pun i dah beli... kikikiki....



  2. teringin nak tengok jugak. tapi non ado teman. huhuhu
    dah tengok transporter 3? org kata, best. orang yang kata la... hihiks